crowded teeth, ectopic canine

crowded teeth, ectopic canine

I st class malocclusion with crowded teeth, ectopic canine, impacted lower premolar
2 years of fixed orthodontic treatment conventional braces

The patient aged 13, referred to me as she had esthetic problems because of the very crowded teeth. The analysis of the clinical records (dental casts, photos, Xray) showed no space for the alignment of all the teeth in the dental arch and the need to extract the upper first premolars in the upper arch, the second left lower premolar that was included in the bone with no space in the arch and the right 1st lower molar that was compromised (apical granuloma).
After 2 years of orthodontic treatment the patient was very happy about her smile, being more self-confident.

crowded teeth, ectopic canine BEFORE treatment

crowded teeth, ectopic canine AFTER the treatment

Use the slider in order to compare the pictures BEFORE and AFTER the treatment

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