Root Canal

Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment is the procedure done to preserve the infected tooth. This procedure involves removing the damaged or infected pulp, treating any infection and filling the empty canals.

Root Canal Treatment procedure is started by drilling the enamel part of the tooth, that is top most portion of the tooth. First enters the pulp chamber, where the infected pulp is present. The next step is exploration of root canal, removal of the remaining pulp tissue and infected tissue. The infected pulp is then drilled out with the help of long needle shaped drills called files.
After successful removal of the pulp, the root canal is disinfected with the help of intracanal medicaments like essential oils (eugenol), phenolic compounds, Sodium Hypochlorite and iodides. The disinfection procedure is done by using a plastic pipette or a syringe.
Finally filling (obturation) of root canal is done with an inert filling material called gutta percha.

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After root canal treatment is complete the crown restoration can be done with a simply composite filling if the crown is not to weakened by the removal of the damaged tissues or can be reinforced by using radicular posts. There are different systems of radicular posts: adhesively luted-fiber reinforced composite posts or metal posts, laboratory fabricated.

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